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Describe Holmes's character? |


Sherlock Holmes is one of the most famous characters in all of literature. He is highly intelligent and makes a living as a “consulting detective,” although he is more concerned about problem solving than about money or material possessions. He seems cold and aloof to most people, although he occasionally takes a personal interest in a client. His whole life is devoted to intellectual pursuits. His only other interest is in music. He is an amateur violinist himself, and he enjoys attending concerts, especially those that feature violinists. He is fearless. He is not averse to breaking the law occasionally in a worthy cause. He is a light eater and a light drinker, but a heavy smoker. He would be described as an introvert by a psychologist like C. G. Jung. His emphasis on thinking makes him indifferent to feeling. He brags to Watson that he does not want to know anything that is not important to his work, so Watson finds him very deficient in some areas of human knowledge. Holmes is a specialist, not a generalist. It is because of his specialization in problem solving that he has become so proficient at it and has achieved a fame that brings him important clients and lucrative cases.

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