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lord of the flies

What is the cause of the conflict between Piggy and Jack? Why is it significant that Piggy, for the first time, helps to gather firewood only after Jack has broken from the group? Why does Piggy feel...


Piggy and Jack are complete opposites, and their arguments early on in the novel set precedence for their conflicting relationship throughout the story. Piggy is overweight, sensitive, and physically weak. Therefore, he is a staunch proponent of civility because without a structured, organized system of laws, he would not be able to survive. In contrast, Jack is an aggressive, authoritative, physically intimidating boy, who finds it easy to harass Piggy. Jack favors anarchy and develops into a complete savage as the story progresses.

When Jack is present, Piggy feels oppressed and is afraid for his life. After Jack leaves the group, Piggy feels liberated and is comfortable sharing his opinions without the fear of being threatened. When Jack leaves the group and establishes his own tribe at the opposite end of the island, Piggy feels liberated and suggests that they start a new signal fire on the platform. The other boys listen to Piggy's suggestion and they begin gathering firewood. Piggy is so delighted that his advice is taken that he also participates in gathering firewood. Piggy's rare participation gathering firewood indicates that without the threatening, intimidating presence of Jack, he will excel and put forth the effort needed to help the group establish a civil society.

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