What companies or products are named in Unwind?


One company that is named in the novel is Old Navy. The reference to the real-world store occurs in chapter one. Connor has just come home after trying to convince his girlfriend to "kick-AWOL" with him. Connor is committed to running away because he has discovered that his parents want him "unwound." When Connor arrives home, his dad tries to make small talk with Connor and tells Connor about a recent "clapper" incident.

"They blew up an Old Navy in the North Akron mall."

Later in chapter one, Connor is on the run from the police. He's jumping barriers and running across lanes of traffic. He comes face to face with the car that is carrying Lev. The type of car is specifically mentioned. It is a Cadillac.  

In chapter two, the reader meets Risa. She is staying at the book's equivalent of an orphanage. Specifically she is at "Ohio State Home 23." I know it doesn't have a real world equivalent, but it is a specific business that is named in the book. A few pages later, the home's headmaster mentions Carnegie Hall.

'You're coming along nicely. I look forward to the day I see those hands playing in Carnegie Hall.'

Another fictional company that is mentioned in chapter two is Twin Lakes Harvest Camp, which is where Risa is being sent to be unwound at a future date because the state home doesn't have room for her any longer. 

Chapter three introduces readers to Lev. His favorite color is red. Not just any red—"Cincinnati Reds" red.

Spam is also specifically mentioned. It's what Connor must eat while he is in hiding with Roland. 

While Lev is struggling to find food on the run, he tries to scavenge food from Wicked Wok Chinese. 

CyFi recounts his brain injury to Lev and mentions that his right temporal lobe was turned into "Jell-O." 

There are others, but that should get you started.

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