oliver twist

What is a comparison between the characters of Jane Eyre and Oliver Twist?


Jane Eyre and Oliver Twist were both poor orphans.  As a young boy, Oliver was orphaned and sent to live with a wet nurse named Mrs. Mann.  When he was still a boy, he was sent to live at a dirty and cold workhouse, where he was treated badly.  Jane Eyre was orphaned and sent to live with her wealthy aunt, where she lived on her begrudging charity.  When she was still a girl, she was sent away to live at a school.  She was abused at the school, which was a cold and heartless place.

Eventually, Oliver was reunited with his half-brother and his aunt.  His relationship with his half-brother was a cold one, but his aunt cared for Oliver.  Jane Eyre was also reunited with her relations.  These relations were her once estranged cousins.  The two sisters were warm and cared for Jane.  Their brother, also Jane's cousin, was a cold person.

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