What compound machines are used daily?


Machines are tools that make our lives easier. There are various kinds of tools, from the simple inclined plane that helps us go up a ramp, to complicated machinery. 

A basic type of machine is called a simple machine. A simple machine is a simple device or tool that simply changes the direction or the magnitude of a force. The ramp that I mentioned is an example of a simple machine. If you're pushing a heavy create, it's hard to get it up a few steps. However, by putting a wooden plank over the steps to serve as a ramp, it is now a lot easier. This changes the direction of the force from horizontal (pushing across the floor) to diagonal (up the stairs). Now, a compound machine is a combination of multiple simple machines, where the output of one is the input of the other, and thus changes direction/magnitude of the force in a series of steps.

Examples of compound machines that we see daily are a can opener and a bicycle. The can opener cuts through the top of the can - and hence has a wedge. There are also screws that make it turn - so it covers the entire can. It also increases the force applied to it. Hence, it is a compound machine. Another common example we see everyday is the bicycle - which is often referred to as a distance multiplier, as it increases the distance you travel for less force (again, a machine can amplify the force). A bicycle works as you pedal through gaskets and it turns the wheels.

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