What are the compounds found in food items, medicines and agricultural supplies?


I believe you are asking about the type of compounds commonly found in food items, medicines and agricultural supplies. All of these categories and many more similar ones utilize "organic" compounds.

Organic compounds are compounds of carbon and they are widespread in practically every aspect of our lives. The food that we eat (vegetables, fruits, meat), beverages that we drink (tea, coffee, milk and also alcoholic beverages), etc. are all carbon compounds or organic compounds. The insecticides, pesticides, fertilizers, etc., that are so commonly used in the agriculture are all organic compounds as well. All the medicines, whether they are simple cough syrups or paracetamol or complex cancer drugs; all are organic compounds. The plastic that we use is also organic. Even the fuels like diesel, gasoline, coal, wood, etc. are all organic in nature.

Hope this helps. 

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